Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sequence of Events and Grab-Bag Math

My kiddos are really struggling with identifying numbers that are larger than another. Therefore, I took a math workbook page that has a game chart and the curriculum's math number cards and made  my own mini version of "War." The number cards have the dots that represent the number on the backside and my kiddos were figuring out that they could cheat and pick the number they wanted to play. Therefore, I added the popcorn bag. They have to pick a number card out of the bag and whoever gets the larger number gets to move one space on the game board. Whoever makes it to 10 first wins! The kids love it, and I love it because they are learning quickly numbers and their order.

Our focus in Language Arts is Sequence of Events. One activity I had the kids do is make of their own sequence. Such as Student 1 FIRST, had M&Ms; Next, sorted them; Last, she ate them.  Student two chose to use the orange in my lunch sack. First, she grabbed the orange. Next,  she cut the orange (she didn't really, I did). Last, she ate the orange. The kids had fun thinking up their own Sequence of Events.

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